Two Way Radio Solution

Title Price Excl
PTT5PTT5 Two way radio R2145.00
PTT70PTT T8D Video Two way radio R2870.00
PTT96 Two way radio (NFC Tag)PTT96 R2290.00
PTT388 Two way radio R2735.00
PTT682 Two way radioPTT682 R2690.00
PTT9 Two way radio R2445.00
PTT680 Two way radio repeaterPTT680 R3490.00
PTT Dispatch Software R150.00

i-Monitor PTT ( push to talk ) radios utilize the GSM networks to connect to our South African located servers. Each radio gets a unique user name and password, that registers the device on our servers after logging into the URL that we pre-programme into the radio. Once the radio has successfully logged onto our network, unlimited coverage can be enjoyed, provided there is GSM coverage.

i-Monitor PTT offers voice recording, GPS tracking and unlimited voice calls. Our system also feature a phone app that can be downloaded onto a smart phone that allows our customer access to all these functions.