SMS Module for Control Room Setup

i-Monitor SMS Software

      The SMS messenger is a module that intergrades with the control room setup software and offers additional new feathers.



      This module will automatically send your SMS notifications to your customers and/or response staff, depending how you set it up. An Alarm notification can be sent to one person and a different SMS notification can be sent to another, offering versatile communication to all customers. Group and bulk SMS notifications can also be setup. This module includes the cell phone call panic feature, where it allows a client to give the modem a miss call and it will generate a panic signal in the control room.

      SMS Messanger Module

      • Marketing
      • Credit Control
      • Cost effective communications
      • SMS Sent and Fault History
      • Interface with software
      Description Cost excl vat
      Once Off  

      SMS Modem Kit (Excl Sim Card)

      R3 045.00

        R3 045.00
      Monthly contract  

      Rental of SMS Messanger Software (No SMS included)

      R 734.00

      TOTAL R3 779.00
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      Please note this is excluding courier fees