Guard Productivity Monitoring System

I-Monitor Guard Time ManagementThe single point guard timer is designed to check if a guard at a guarding post is still on duty and alert. On the pre programmed time (30, 60 or 90 minutes) the timer will start the buzzer to indicate that the reset must be pressed within a period of 5 minutes after which it will activate the ‘Fail to Reset’ signal via the radio transmitter to the control room. The control room will notify the nesessary people in ±30 seconds of any signals received form the guarding post.


If the shift start time is set to 18:00, the end shift time to 06:00 and the reset time 60 minutes then at 18:00 the buzzer will sound to indicate to the guard that he must press the reset button. The LED will also be flashing to indicate that the RESET button must be pressed.

i-Monitor Guard timer unit

When the RESET button is pressed during the 5 minute period, the timer will restart and the status LED will return to a permanent on status. If the reset is not pressed the ‘Fail to Reset’ signal will go through to the control room via the radio transmitter, directly after the reset period expires.

i-Monitor Yello LEDNOTE: If the RESET button has been forced permanently closed, the ‘Fail to Reset’ signal will go through to the control room directly after the 5 minute reset period.

The guard timer will continue with a reset request every 60 minutes thereafter until 06:00 is reached the next day.


  • 2x remote panic buttons,
  • Guard timer card,
  • Transformer,
  • Radio transmitter and
  • Charger in a metal enclosure.

i-Monitor Red LEDNOTE: 7Ah 12V Battery is NOT included in package.