GSM Radio Transmitter

i-Monitor GSM Radio Transmitter

The GSM transmitter is connected to the home/business alarm panel and communicates to a security control room to indicate the status of the alarm panel.

When an alarm activation occurs, the activation is transferred to the GSM transmitter via individual input triggers or a multi-data connection. This ensures easy connection to all types and manufacturers of alarm panels.

The alarm activation data is encrypted by the transmitter and sent via GSM frequency over the cell phone networks to the Decoder at the security control room.

The GSM burglar alarm reporting transmitter is programmable to allow for flexible connection to a variety of alarm panels and reporting of 2 linked triggers. More importantly it reports power-up, battery low/restore, battery over-voltage and mains fail/restore information to ensure complete AC power and battery status management of the alarm system.

All inputs memorized when triggered and sent in priority order to the monitoring station.

Inputs may be set for positive or negative active trigger status.

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GSM Radio Transmitter


Monthly contract  
Monthly license Fee R43.48