Business Opportunity

The i-Monitor range of radio transmitters has been sold nationally into South Africa since 2008. We pride ourselves as being able to offer first-rate service to all our customers, resellers and installers.

I-Monitor rightly earned a reputation of quality and personal customer service within the industry. We are always happy to discuss requirements and issues with users.

  • Troubleshooting and commissioning help
  • Training and commissioning - tailored for installers and re-sellers
  • Fast turn round repair service
  • 1 year warranty
  • Software updates
  • Online order form


At i-Monitor we recommend that installation and commissioning is done professionally.  For this we can refer customers to independent third party agents.
We fully support your business without getting involved in your customer-supplier relationship.
Independent resellers and installers have the technical know-how to offer the best service to end-users.

Advantages of working with i-Monitor

  • No profit share
  • Independent customer- supplier relationship
  • Free recommendations and referrals
  • Full history report per customer
  • Speedy technical support and access to required documents and presentations
  • Discounted resellers pricing structure
  • Track record of successful and secure contracts

Notes on new business structure:

  • The customer of a reseller / installer stays the customer of that reseller / installer and all responsibility and support towards this customer is handled in this manner.
  • When i-Monitor refers a customer to a reseller / installer the radio bought by the customer stays the responsibility of i-Monitor.  Thereafter installation related matters are the responsibility of the reseller / installer.